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    We can also train your dog to use her superpowers for good.Up here in the glistening pines of Idyllwild, near the fern-covered banks of Strawberry Creek, a mile above the scrabble and thrum of the cities below, you've happened upon therieau.com. It's the new home of things I like to put out on the Internet that I hope others may find interesting.

    Is it a good idea? Well, no, but I hope you'll take a couple moments to poke around anyway, and if you like what you see I'd like to hear from you.

    Sorry, introductions are in order. I'm Bob Therieau, creator of this hot mess. I  write and edit copy for various clients. They need words for websites, press releases, brochures, social media, more. If you find that you also need something written or your own copy edited, I'm happy to help. Send me email and we'll chat about it.

    I'll also work on your computers, set up the network in your business or at your home, and I'll even do finish carpentry in your older home. It's a weird mix, but I enjoy it all and I'm happy to help. I'd like to hear from you and work with you to take care of your marketing, computer and old house issues.

    Thanks for stopping by.