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    an idyllwild weather clam!

    Our gal, The Idyllwild Weather Clam thinks that it will rain again today.

    Friday 23 June 2017
    Currently at 5:03 AM 60°

    Up to the minute now-casting provided by: Idyllwild Weather Clam Mega-Skyview Ultra-Precision Doppler 160000 Super Computron Forecast in Full Spectrum HD

    That's Gotta Smart

    Would you rather...

    crash Roxy Music lead singer Brian Ferry into former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau,


    get an aspirin endorsement contract after your twin is removed from your head?

    a) Love is a drug.

    b) Boy, do I know headaches...




    Technology Update

    Friends, the reason that the Communications Department at the Omnipresent Non-Profit Charitable Organization distrusts the I.T. Department I'm temping for is simple. Our staff's disdain for their Apple Macs. I should say, most of our staff. I think that the Mac people should be brought into the fold, sharing resources that everyone else has easy access to. The rest of the I.T. staff couldn't be bothered.

    While at work, I check mail though the web on my .Mac account. When the page is front-most, people walking by my desk get an eyefull of Appley goodness (then proceed to make rude comments). Today, I downloaded Apple's iTunes for Windows (all 16 freakin' megabytes of it, thank you) to my company-issued Windows XP machine, then shared its Appley goodness with anybody who'd listen.

    "99 cents! 400,000 songs! What's not to love?"

    "Um, it's against company policy to download MP3s."

    "What about MP4s? Does it say anything about that? Huh?"

    Defeated again.

    On a somewhat related note, I'm making unilateral decisions about their new phone system tomorrow—extension numbers.


    This is as politically charged as you can imagine. Should the President get 1000? Should the numbers be very random instead? Will someone freak out if she gets 666? What about 1313? What's the protocol for this kind of thing? But hey, for the time being, I'm a temp. If I make unpopular decisions, then they can pass it off as the work of an inexperienced schlub. Hopefully it won't come to that.

    On yet another note, I'm introducing my dear neighbor to the wonders of X-10 (yes, that X-10 of pop-up browser window spy cam fame). The task is mundane—to control a couple lights on a timer—but I think she's hooked. I dropped off a bunch of modules I didn't need, and she appears to be ready to go. If only I could find the time to set it all up.


    Your pal,




    Would you rather...

    be a Cubs fan,


    a U.S. weapons inspector in Iraq?

    a) "Maybe next year."

    b) "Maybe next year."




    I Yield The Floor, Meow

    Would you rather...

    go to the moon with Chinese astronauts,


    that the pet projects you inserted in the energy bill are actually projects for pets?

    a) Shenzhou XXXIV

    b) Woof!

    Mr. Five-Year Plan,



    It Tickles

    Would you rather...

    wear antigravity underpants to the next Cubs/Marlins game,


    be the first person to test a vacuum-powered nail clipper?

    a) Aerial Coverage Provided By...

    b) Toebee.

    Dude, you're high,



    Just Riffing On Schubert's Die Forelle

    Would you rather...

    skid on oleo, rolling your Volvo over Lena Olin, James Brolin, Nolan Ryan, and Rolie Polie Olie,


    stock your Koi pond with fish you caught in Lake Henshaw?

    a) Goal! Goal! Goal! Goal!

    b) It's a special breed that floats on the surface...



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