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    Tuesday 22 August 2017
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    R.I.P. Soupy Sales

    Some say he was zany. Others contend that he was madcap.

    Soupy Sales has died. He was 83. The undisputed king of pie throwing (save the angry letters, Three Stooges fans), there appears to be quite a lot about his life still in dispute. Take a moment and compare the New York Times' obituary to the more extensive Los Angeles Times' article. How many pies again?

    Why does everything have to be such a struggle around these internets? Cripes.

    - bob


    Happy Birthday Lee Majors!

    If you only knew, Col. Austin, if you only knew...Friends,

    Just a quick note to acknowledge that Lee Majors turns 70 today, and that this news makes me feel old. Thank you.

    - bob


    Happy Evacuation Day!


    On March 17th 1776, British army generals made the decision to skeedaddle from Boston to avoid another pasting like they recieved at Bunker Hill. Boston Harbor was General Washington's prize. Our reward is that it gives newspaper editors something to complain about.

    What will you do to celebrate the day? Flee to Nova Scotia? Wear your red coat?

    You certainly weren't considering something foolish like banishing snakes, were you?

    - bob


    Happy Birthday Samuel Pepys!

    C'mon, it was obvious.Friends,
    Today marks the 376th birthday of English member of parliment, naval administrator (no, not that one), and diarist Samuel Pepys. Considering that his meticulous diary-keeping documented the Great Plague, the Fire of London, and the second Anglo-Dutch War, Pepys could be thought of as the father of modern blogging, except without the "B" (the "WE" is silent, dig?).

    Happy birthday Sammy! You're not as famous as Arianna Huffington, but you're more famous than Markos Moulitsas Zúniga. Nicely done!

    - bob


    Cancel Your Plans

    Wayne 'The Train' Hancock

    Bloodshot Records recording artist and van driver Wayne "The Train" Hancock is scheduled to perform in our little hamlet tomorrow night. I haven't been this excited since news broke that Brad Pitt once stopped while driving through and bought a soda.

    Well, of course I'm going. Wouldn't miss it.

    - bob

    UPDATE: Oh, right. The sign that said "Live Music Tonite" at Jo'Ann's really meant "Live Music This Afternoon." The Train apparently played his afternoon set, loaded up the van, and high-tailed it out of town. So, um, I missed him.