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    Here In My Car - Sirius XM Ponder Bankruptcy

    Colonel Harold Brown (C) w. Dr. Hans Ziegler (L), John Licht (2R) and Dr. Harold Zahl (R) with US weather satellite ready for launching. Location:	Ft Monmouth, NJ, US Date taken: February 1959 Photographer: Andreas FeiningerFriends,

    It looks like the "best radio on radio" is going down the Chapter 11 route. I read about this yesterday and cancelled my subscription before it was cancelled for me by a bankruptcy judge. Sure, everything might end up well, but I thought it'd be neat to hold on to my cash. Ever since the merger, I've increasingly disliked the service. XM subscribers have screamed and yelled about the cuts in their favorite programming. I was a fan of the old Sirius straight-ahead blues station that went away in favor of a BB King-branded channel. The new jazz station stinks more often than not. Their "college" station has become more commercial.

    Goodbye, satellite. Hello, podcasts.

    I guess that's what's killed them, hasn't it?

    - bob

    UPDATE: In other satellite news, SATELLITE CRASH!!!1one!1!1!!


    Talking Me Down Out Of Being Down


    This economic bailout thing is bumming me out. Chrysler should file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, but will most likely just fail instead. Who'll make parts for my Jeeps? (these guys. chrysler gave up on both of them a long time ago. - ed) GM should file for Chapter 11, but will keep their management and fail in a few months instead (haven't they failed already? they're insolvent , after all... - ed).

    I can use a little relief. Naturally, I turned to You Look Nice Today. The latest episode features John Hodgman and Jonathan Coulton and makes with the funny. I think we all need that, don't you?

    They even name-checked Digital Underground and The Humpty Dance in this episode, so here's some, um, background.

    Oh, I heard this "hateful little song" on the newly completely merged SiriusXM satellite machine today and laughed until I cried.

    No, I'm not sending a message. It's just dark. Is that so wrong?

    The next song makes me smile too. It's on the newish Decemberists EP. I'll leave it to you to tell the kids who Valerie Plame is.

    Good luck with that...


    - bob


    Observed: Gordon Lightfoot Edition


    I've been walking around to each workstation at the Great Big Charity to undo some automatically-installed Windows Update desktop search bloatware (thanks Redmond!) over the last couple days. This is a good thing though, since I get a better idea of people's computer problems, work problems, and even personal problems. I won't bore you with that stuff since it's typical of any workplace. What I will bore you with is the desktop wallpaper on one machine. A glory photo of, you guessed it, The Edmund Fitzgerald. Prior to November 1975, one would presume.

    Why that picture? "I've always loved those big freighters," she said. "You know that's the Edmund Fitzgerald, right?" "Yeah, what about it?"

    Oh, this...

    Geez, people.

    - bob


    Luciano Pavarotti - RIP


    This sucks. Brilliant Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti died last night of pancreatic cancer at age 71. Who can forget his brilliant performances with The Three Tenors? His experiments with behavioral conditioning? His later reggae career? Simply amazing.

    We'll miss him.

    - bob


    Old Music Saturday


    They couldn't be more different, but here's tonight's songs for your amusement:

    As always, you're welcome.

    - bob

    BTW, banjos! - bob