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    A (very) Short Respite

    A lovely centered picture of a mountain, a building, and some cars

    I seem to be suffering lately from a fatigue brought on by an elderly orange man from Florida who has managed to destabilize this great country using little more than a Twitter account. He has surrounded himself by right-wing ideologues, dullards, kleptocrats, toadies and various hangers-on who are working with this elderly orange man to frighten old ladies and Australians while annoying Sweden and other people whose worldview hews towards facts and logic.

    Because I count myself among both the frightened and annoyed camps, I'm grateful to take a little break. This piney paradise, while not cut off from media, insists that inhabitants go outside and enjoy this gift.

    Until the new Secretary of the Interior sells off the forest to the highest bidder.

    Dammit. So much for my break.

    Your best pal,

    - bob

    Never Forget To Remember

    A grand old flag.

    Remember when terrorists hijacked some airplanes in the United States on 11th September, 2001 precipitating a series of tragic events that killed a bunch of people? Then you'll recall that the government overreacted and made air travel more difficult for everyone while also sending a lot of kids to war to punish the country where the masterminds of the terrorist attack were supposed to be hiding. Then the government decided that they should inspect everyone's communications everywhere at all times and explain that constitutional overreach by saying that they're listening for the next terror threat, but if anybody talks about the surveillance program they need to go to jail? Remember when that happened?

    Dear readers, I hope both of you will agree that the steps the government has taken to "keep us safe" after the gut wrenching events twelve years ago dishonors those who perished on that day. Now, as the president contemplates launching a strike on yet another bad actor in the Middle East, to punish Syrian bad behavior, even the generals are hoping to avoid another fight.

    Today has been designated by Congress as a national day of service. One patriotic thing you might consider doing today would be to write a letter to your representative airing your carefully considered opinion on the matters of war, punishment, surveillance and national security.

    But please take your shoes off first and put them in the bin.

    Your pal,

    - bob





    America's space shuttle program ended today with the successful landing of Atlantis. Times are tough in this country right now, but this really drove it home.

    Your pal,

    - bob

    P.S. Image courtesy NASA's photo stream on flickr.


    Happy Special Election Day!


    Today is a special election here in California State Senate District 37 where we select who will replace John Benoit, who replaced the late Roy Wilson on the Riverside County Board of Supervisors (ahem, no term limits). On the ballot are a couple guys who are trying to out-conservative each other, a third party nut, and some cats who seem to be representing labor.

    My recommendation is pretty simple. No matter who you pick to replace Benoit, please go and vote. This is particularly true if you happen to live in my tiny (<i>and idyllic? - ed</i>) alpine village. As was reported in our paper of record last week, we may not donate much money to campaigns, but if candidates study voting patterns they see that we turn out in higher percentages than the lowlanders. This forces the serious ones to actually stop by and talk to my neighbors during elections.

    Who knew that you could gain the attention of elected officials merely by voting?

    Will wonders never cease?


    - bob


    The Eleventh Hour of The Eleventh Day of The Eleventh Month

    Bantam plus cannon equals 'fellas, this landing's gonna hurt'

    Today is Veteran's Day. That these proud men and women only get a single day to honor their service seems not to be enough. I'd like to propose that we recognize their sacrifice every day in a very particular way. While every single veteran of our armed services should have every possible need provided for them in perpetuity, at least you can do something symbolic to show your support.

    In color...
    I suggest that you befriend a veteran tomorrow and take them for a ride in your Jeep. Your new friend should be reminded that things might get bouncy.

    - bob