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    an idyllwild weather clam!

    Our gal, The Idyllwild Weather Clam thinks that it will rain again today.

    Tuesday 22 August 2017
    Currently at 4:54 AM 57°

    Up to the minute now-casting provided by: Idyllwild Weather Clam Mega-Skyview Ultra-Precision Doppler 160000 Super Computron Forecast in Full Spectrum HD

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    Maybe It Knows Something...


    I was working on the pre-recorded bits for the podcast but, um, the microphone on my nearly new headset stopped working. The universe must be mad at the creation of art. Art!

    Gawd, you're gonna hate this thing. I'm so sorry.

    - bob


    Entertainments In This Fine Establishment

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I need help, so call this another bleg if you will. Where would you rather go for the podcasts? The Angry Sweeper videocasts are a long way off, but the audio version is very close to fruition. I'm thinking of adding a page to bobtherieau.com for audio and syndicating on iTunes. Should I just link to new shows or embed the audio here as well? It'll slow down page loads, but do you really care? Are your connection speeds fast enough that embedding wouldn't be an issue?

    Speaking of entertainments, I just received a refurbished Airport Express base station and I love it. For the uninitiated, it's a wireless base station the size of a pack of the old fat Marlboro Reds (oh c'mon, you remember those, don't you? back in high school? pounding the things at parties looking tough, coughing your lungs out the next day?). It has an audio jack to connect to your stereo, so you can stream tunes from your computer through the ether. The sound quality is as good as the junky bitrate you encoded your songs in, and speaking for myself, the high end clipping is entirely due to my frugality in ripping CDs to keep the sizes down rather than the connection itself. The lavishly large AAC files I've created lately though, sound wonderful.

    The price has dropped because there's a new version that has much faster wireless transfer speeds. My crop of machines can't use the extra speed, so the last generation works well for me. I love me some gizmos and this fits the bill quite nicely. You should pick one up before they're gone.

    Oh! There's this too—both sites are due for a redesign. My thought is is that they should have a similar look. Same fonts. Similar banners. Same color schemes. Remember, if you don't make suggestions I'm liable to stake out on my own and we all know how badly that can turn out. I'll answer that for you...

    Really quite badly.

    - bob


    Will Blog For Food

    Oh please...

    Think about journalism for a minute. What could we learn if some busybody just went out with a little Flip video camera and started talking to people and posted that video? No editing, just a conversation with somebody interesting. Maybe somebody whose views are pretty far from yours who you wouldn't normally confront by yourself. Certainly you'd need someone to be your proxy to ask the questions you couldn't. You'd perhaps like that somebody to be me. Wanna try it? Let's try it!

    Put your ideas in the comments and we'll chat about it.

    Your pal,



    Forty Five Degrees


    How about this? Obama and McCain seem to have swept today's primaries. Who might be their respective party's nominees? Hard to know...

    Oh, right. Superdelegates. They'll surely fix it. What were we thinking?

    Spent the weekend at the folks' place doing a little finish carpentry. The stay—with more gifts and more cake—continues my Birthday Holiday Season, so you needn't worry about that. There are more events planned next weekend, so I'll try to stay up past 9:00 for those. Advancing age, you know.

    Now for a little housekeeping: the podcast is purely in the planning stages at this time. I stumbled across some new tricks to make the thing work, so we're that much closer. Have something to contribute? Send an email with "a jaunty little podcast" to avoid the spambot if you want to be a guest. We're going to post at bobtherieau.com, register at iTunes, and link from here. Clearly you're an expert at something (or maybe you need email alerts just to remember when to breathe, but hey, let's hear about how you set up the alerts.) so we want to hear from you. I'm pretty sure we want to hear from you. Maybe. Hopefully.

    By the way, the Idyllwild Weather Clam missed badly yesterday. It was warm and the Clam went too low. I asked her about this, and she seemed embarrassed by the error. She has promised to do better next time though. You gotta love contrition in any bivalve, much more so in a mile-high bivalve.

    So yeah. Birthday Holiday Season—good, ongoing, gifts. Podcast—a show about everything, nothing without your help. Clam—She's real sorry, will predict weather much better next time.

    There you have it. Hello, Tuesday.

    - bob