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    Toddler Watch: Dear Leader Edition

    A lovely centered picture of a poster

    The 45th president of these United States, better known as Jared Kushner's father in-law, held the first meeting of his entire cabinet yesterday. This is a motley crew of GOP lifers, hangers-on, dopes, fire starters, and Mitch McConnell's wife (who is several of those things. -ed). While mostly a photo opportunity, a startling and brazenly un-American thing happened—one by one, they went around the room pledging their loyalty to the president.

    This doesn't happen in a functioning democracy, but it happened yesterday.

    Your best pal,

    - bob

    Toddler Watch: Poor Impulse Control Edition


    The United States of America, a founding member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, last year elected an orange buffoon as its leader. One of the reasons that old white people in this country voted for him, we're told, is that because they're anxious about their economic fortunes, they thought a successful businessman would be the best choice. This man would negotiate trade deals with other nations that tilt in favor of the United States. A master negotiator would also be able to bend foreign ministers to his will, the thinking goes, to ensure that America isn't stuck holding the nightstick as the "world's policeman."

    Here's the master negotiator in action at his first NATO summit in Brussels...

    Economically anxious white people in Montana also voted in a special election yesterday to elect a man who beat up a reporter the day before as their sole congressional representative. This is more dangerous.

    I strongly believe that NATO is a self-healing institution and can route around problems, like the grandstanding grifter who lists "45th President" when he takes out new loans with the Russians. However, he and the new GOP representative from Montana, and the people who support them, are showing that it's okay to rough people up to get what you want. That it's perfectly fine to beat on a member of the media who's pressing to get a question answered on the eve of an important election.

    Pay attention to these things, dear reader. This is how we lose a democracy.

    Your pal,

    - bob

    All Hail The Orb!


    Our president, a 70-year old orange toddler, has stayed up way past his bedtime during his first foreign trip as the leader of the free world. (since you put it that way, it's time to jump off a bridge. - ed At least wait for the midterms.) During this trip, he has said dumb things, coddled dictators, and has reshaped America's foreign policy to comport with the thing the last person he spoke to told him. In other words, the trip was going as expected, until he encountered The Orb.

    Was The Orb part of some elaborate stagecraft by the Saudi king to open the new Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology in Riyadh, or something more nefarious, as portrayed on Twitter? Maybe it was something else entirely...

    Your pal,

    - bob

    Toddler President Watch: Leaking State Secrets Edition

    A lovely centered picture of a poster

    A heavily-sourced story by the fine folks at The Washington Post (Cripes, are they going to save this nation's bacon again? every 45 years, like clockwork. -ed) reported that some septuagenarian toddler we call the 45th president shared highly classified information with the Russian ambassador. You remember the Russians, don't you? They're the ones who threw the last election toward said toddler through a disinformation campaign fueled by hackers, social media dupes, and willing stooges.

    Anyway, the toddler's nannies and enablers in the White House denied the story yesterday. This seems pretty normal. Why would you admit that you shared secrets that inherently compromise our sources with the enemies of our democracy?

    I don't know. Why don't you ask that toddler yourself, since he admitted sharing that information today.

    It's not a crime, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't be removed from office for doing it. In fact, it helps reinforce the existing case for impeachment. Now all we need is a Congress that worries more about the country than their party.

    Your best pal,

    - bob

    You Know, General Welfare

    A lovely centered picture of a poster

    The coalition of GOP sharps, weasels and dandies along with the dullards, chicken frighteners and snake charmers in the U.S. House of Representatives are poised to pass a replacement for the Affordable Care Act this morning. Well, not so much a replacement as a tax cut for the wealthy that's paid for by pricing 20 million Americans out of their health insurance. Why?

    Campaign donations and fear of facing a primary challenger who lacks more spine and heart than the incumbent. By the way, lacking a spine and a heart would qualify as pre-existing conditions for these goons, punting them into expensive high-risk insurance pools...

    Or it would if Congress hadn't exempted members from their new scheme that's just fine for you. Good luck!

    Your best pal,

    - bob

    A (very) Short Respite

    A lovely centered picture of a mountain, a building, and some cars

    I seem to be suffering lately from a fatigue brought on by an elderly orange man from Florida who has managed to destabilize this great country using little more than a Twitter account. He has surrounded himself by right-wing ideologues, dullards, kleptocrats, toadies and various hangers-on who are working with this elderly orange man to frighten old ladies and Australians while annoying Sweden and other people whose worldview hews towards facts and logic.

    Because I count myself among both the frightened and annoyed camps, I'm grateful to take a little break. This piney paradise, while not cut off from media, insists that inhabitants go outside and enjoy this gift.

    Until the new Secretary of the Interior sells off the forest to the highest bidder.

    Dammit. So much for my break.

    Your best pal,

    - bob

    On The 25th Amendment

    A lovely centered picture of a nice lady doing nice things

    Sometimes you've just got to get rid of the president. Maybe you start hearings and he resigns and you get the mess pictured above, and sometimes you invoke the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution because the president is unfit to serve. Either way, now would be a good time to do either of those things.

    And please remember to punch a Nazi. Thank you.

    Your very best pal in the whole wide world,

    - bob

    This Day In History (without rodents)

    A lovely centered picture of a nice lady doing nice things

    Every February 2nd, I like to share with you some events from history to illustrate that today isn't just about rodents and my Birthday Holiday Season.

    This year, the subject of defeating fascism is at the top of my mind for some reason, so here are some instances where the bad guys have been punched in the face (and worse!) from history:
    • In 1942, auto factories in the United States switched to war production.
    • The first active resistance to Nazis in Norway was undertaken in 1942 to protest the installation of a puppet government.
    • In 1943, the German 6th Army surrendered to Russian forces at Stalingrad, which was sort of a big deal.
    So if you were thinking of getting me something, take a picture of someone you love punching a Nazi. I'll post them here!

    Your best pal in the whole wide world,

    - bob

    Transition Team

    A lovely centered picture of the transition team selecting cabinet secretaries.


    It seems that the transition from the administration of the 44th President of The United States to the 45th is going great as illustrated in this photo taken during a meeting in Trump Tower. The selection of people who know nothing to run government agencies they hate and have longed to dismantle is an enormous middle finger to the less than one quarter of the registered voters who selected this carnival barker.

    You know, they guy who's too smart to listen to intelligence briefings? Yeah, that guy.

    We're doomed.

    Your pal,

    - bob

    IMPORTANT GOVERNANCE UPDATE: Oh yeah, he also picks people based on their looks. What a buffoon.

    The 2016 Jaunty Election Guide: 50% Turnout Edition


    The election results are in and with only 50% turnout in one of the most acrimonious, contemptible races in the modern era, this country has elected a fascist as the next Commander-In-Chief. Congratulations!

    To everyone who voted for Tangerine Mussolini, please take a moment to explain to all of the black, hispanic, Jewish, Muslim, and female people in your life why you don't care about them. While you're at it, I'm interested to hear why you apparently value party over country, bonkers ideology over security, and choosing a carnival barker to represent the United States to the world. Also, considering that the dead-eyed granny-starving Speaker of the House is champing at the bit to dismantle Social Security, please explain to the elderly people why you don't care about them either.



    The 2016 Jaunty Election Guide: Something Easy

    A lovely centered picture encouraging you to vote



    I have to admit that this election has left me cold and exhausted. I certainly haven't been as interested in discussing the merits of banning plastic bags, which I support, against grabbing bag fees and reallocating them towards something else, which is a trick by the plastics industry. We get the chance to end the death penalty in the state during this election and that should have been a big topic for debate, but it wasn't.

    What we got instead was so many candidates for President of the United States that the selection process resembled little more than news anchors swatting at a hornets' next with a stick that was far too short. Thanks to the insatiable teevee ratings machine, a bloviating yam was given too much free airtime to make outrageous, and to my sensitive ears unamerican, statements about minorities and majorities. Once they had the statements recorded, they could play them over and over, asking pundits what they thought about them. "Outragous or TOO outrageous? We'll ask our panel after this commercial break..."

    While this was happening, people who would normally be considered apologists for any other candidiate in any other election cycle instead went on camera and denied that their favorite tangerine-tinted bota bag ever said anything offensive. Or even said that thing that was on full display on the video running beside them. I believe that this distaste for the facts is unprecedented in Republican politics, and that's really saying something considering their recent history in the Congress.

    What alarms me about this election is that there are so many disqualifying aspects to the GOP's Orange Julius Caesar that it's hard to know where to start: Financial ties to Russia? He hasn't released his taxes? In hock up to his eyeballs? Bragging about sexual assault? Misuse of a personal charity? Calling for the trial, jailing or assasination of his political opponent?

    That's not the alarming part. We know he's a terrible human being. What's alarming is that there are too many people in this country who think all of that is okay. Okay in their president.

    It's not okay. It never was. You can help save the United States and the rest of the free world by voting for a competent candidate who won't throw a temper tantrum and blow us all up. You can vote for a woman who has the skills to apply reason to a problem, not just a tweet storm. You can vote for someone with a lifetime of public service who has faced scrutiny and survived instead of a man who lashes out when people make fun of his tiny hands.

    You have one job America.



    I can't bear to look.

    Congress has decided to play a game of chicken with the finances of the United States. A game of high-speed mumbley peg with the nation's digits under their rusty jack knife. What's worse, (a worse thing, or are you extending the metaphor? -ed) is that the country's economy hasn't recovered enough to afford even a tetanus shot against the missteps of these ham-fisted apes. Before you get all fiscal on me, I'm not cutting the prevaricator in chief any slack on this either. He had the opportunity at the beginning of the year to ask for a clean debt increase bill and missed his chance. Now it's the '72 Munich Olympics in the capitol with our finances held at gunpoint, all due to some red meat types latching on to the idea that a debt limit increase is for future spending and not to pay for stuff we already bought.

    The Treasury Department has set a deadline for next Monday when we'll run out of money to write checks for government things, like checks for pensioners and tranquilizers to keep the space monsters we've locked up from eating us. We're in a pickle, folks.

    What will happen? Will the legislative and executive branches cut a last-minute deal? Will the president, in lieu of a deal, exert his executive privilege to extend the debt ceiling on his own? Will the "full faith and credit of the United States" be as suspect as a clean lab result from a professional bicycle racer? The answer to these questions, and whether we're all doomed, will be answered next Monday.

    In the meanwhile, fill up your gas tanks. Just saying.

    - bob

    Happy Friday of Anger!

    So sad. Maybe your millions of plundered dinars will make you feel better. Friends,

    As you may have heard, the people of Egypt have taken to the streets today after Friday prayers to pressure octogenarian despot Hosni Mubarak to finally step down. Will the military and police prevail and snuff out this uprising? Should Mubarak, the man who took over after the assassination of Anwar Sadat and soon after declared emergency rule be allowed to remain? What does the Egyptian government's ability to shut down almost 90% of internet access in that country say about our own government's hope to be able to do the same? Why is the Obama administration so worried about suggesting that police brutality aficionado Mubarak take a hike?

    Hosni Mubarak. Christ, what an asshole.

    Good job, Egyptian protesters! Don't let the Muslim Brotherhood co-opt your movement!

    - bob

    NOTE: Please listen to today's episode of The Bugle [MP3 link]. Andy and John take an Egyptian government overthrow victory lap that mustn't be missed.


    A Jaunty Election Guide! - or - Where I Appear Clever By Mentioning Alan Cranston



    This mid-term election cycle has been the most expensive, the nastiest in my memory, the most divisive. This is where The Best Political Team on this Blog™ come in. We've read the literature, followed the polls, listened to the people. You can't stay home for this one, folks. We're energized, so let's go!

    • Prop 19 - Legalizes marijuana under California but not Federal law. Permits local governments to regulate and tax commercial production, distribution, and sale of marijuana. Initiative statute: I was a big fan of this at first given the idea that the government should get out of the war on drugs business. After all, isn't pot pretty harmless? Well, yeah, as long as folks are sitting on their couch, eating Doritos. What makes this one crazy is that it appears to have been written by people who were baked out of their minds. The prohibition against "workplace discrimination" in particular means—at least to me—that an employer can't ask an employee if they're high or remove them from tasks until after an accident happens. This also seems to present a problem for businesses that operate a "drug-free" workplace and need that designation to win government contracts.
    • Prop 20 - Redistricting of Congressional Districts. Initiative Constitutional Amendment: This is the most important proposition you can vote for in my humble opinion. You good people stepped up and voted for Proposition 11 back in 2008 to establish a citizens' redistricting panel to take the every-decade state district boundary redrawing out of the hands of the legislature. No sweetheart deals, no more districts that look like snakes, wigs, mustaches, or other contortions to assure safe reelections. Proposition 20 adds congressional districts to the panel's plate, much to Federal representatives' chagrin. This makes me very happy, indeed. They hate that average people might decide what their districts look like and who's in them. No more safe districts for those jokers, and you have to love that.
    • And now we skip down the ballot because we aren't so sure what to think about 21 and 22...
    • Prop 23 - [hold on to your hat] Suspends Implementation of Air Pollution Control Law (AB 32) Requiring Major Sources of Emissions to Report and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emmissions That Cause Global Warming, Until Unemployment Drops to 5.5 Percent or Less for Full Year. Initiative Statute: [whew!] I'm going to contradict myself later, but the importance of Proposition 23 can't be understated. Yes, it's been financed by oil companies from outside the state, but the idea remains sound. California alone can't solve global warming on its own which is quickly rebutted by the pundits who remind those who care that this state is a bellwether for environmental legislation. This is why Tesoro and Velero are the major sponsors, certainly. What the pundits forget is that this is going to cost energy consumers in this state plenty in order to implement this golden idea. If the green lobby needs a girlfriend, please look elsewhere. We can't afford your fancy lifestyle at the moment. The people who are putting up cash opposed to this measure are millionaires who might be able to afford the hit when they fill up their tanks, turn on the A/C or fire up their plasma teevees. The rest of us, especially when unemployment in the state is over 15 percent, can't. Oh! Did I mention that AB 32 gives the California Air Resources Board unlimited authority to write rules to achieve their goal of reversing the Industrial Revolution? The unelected board that has no interest in, well, you? They're completely mad and must be stopped. This is good place to start.
    • I have no idea what to think about Proposition 24. It repeals a deal worked out to get last year's budget passed, which is likely to be a bad idea, but maybe Proposition 25 may fix that...
    • Prop 25 - Changes Legislative Vote Requirement to Pass Budget and Budget-Releated Legislation from Two-Thirds to a Simple Majority. Retains Two-Thirds Vote Requirement for Taxes. Initiative Constitution Amendment: Guh. I hate amending the constitution and I'm worried about removing the high bar for adopting a budget. That said, something has to give to solve this constant budget bickering. Late budgets are costing us money and inflicting a little pain for the constant delay is appealing. No, it won't raise your taxes. Relax.
    • Proposition 26? It's written by polluters who think you'll be outraged that fees are like taxes and hope you'll be really scared. Cynical bullshit.
    • Prop 27 - Eliminates State Commission on Redistricting. Consolidates Authority for Redistricting With Elected Representatives. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute: Also known as the incumbent protection act. We don't need citizens redrawing districts, our pals in the assembly were doing a great job assuring us safe districts all along. Why change? Well, because the gerrymandered districts drawn up by their pals make sure that each district is anti-competitive. Please vote no..

    Well, that's it. I'm not going to endorse any statewide offices because they're all terrible in their own special ways. I'm particularly struggling with the Boxer v. Fiorina race. Barbara Boxer has been a terrible senator who has been reelected through luck and the hard work of the uncritical California Democratic machine. Carly caused me to lose the last job I loved and broke up a little family that I loved a few years ago. They're the choices. Stinko offered to give me twenty bucks to vote for Boxer, but that's the Chicago way, isn't it?

    Crap! What to do?

    - bob

    P.S. Oh yeah. Alan Cranston.


    UPDATE: Votesmart.org has the answer for my question. It's disturbing...

    Some sort of lovely picture about how a computer thinks how I think... The upside is that I get twenty bucks.


    Extreme! Baby! Carrots!


    I heard the story on yesterday's Marketplace about the Mason, Ohio school district placing vending machines in their high schools offering only baby carrots. The candy machines are disabled during the school day and the students are presented with vegetables as snacks. Weird! (no flaming hot baby carrots? -ed Not that I'm aware of, but there's a marketing opportunity for you. Get on it!)

    This war on childhood obesity is getting traction, I guess, but this is actually entertaining. The "bunch of carrot farmers" have a campaign that I find funny and self-aware. It's not even living in the same universe as Nancy Reagan doing a cameo on Diff'rent Strokes to warn the kids off of drugs in that it might actually work. Genius.

    BTW, baby carrots are delicious.

    - bob


    This Seems Like Kind Of A Big Deal



    So, the new vapor recovery gas nozzles mandated by the secret super children at the California Air Resources Board have a problem with their handle latches not working properly. No big deal, right? We'll just use another vendor.

    The problem is, there is no other vendor and the non-releasing latches have stuck open and have caused people to douse themselves with gasoline. Luckily, the state fire marshal has leapt into action and mandated that the latches be removed, causing gas station owners to howl that their patrons will find another way to not hold the handle while gas is pumped.

    This is all very funny and tragic and emblematic of the shortsightedness of unelected bureaucrats, but it also gets to my point that if the petrol-fueled internal combustion engined automobile was only proposed today, regulators would have none of it. "It's too dangerous! You would allow ordinary people to drive around with a tank full of explosive hydrocarbons wherever they want? To drive near schools! What if a terrorist should get a hold of one of these mobility machines!"

    The best way to fix this, of course, is to go back to the old and perfectly fine vapor recovery nozzles. You know, the ones that we've been using for a couple years now. Oh, and put all of the CARB board members in stocks in the public square. So they'll be safely away from the petrol spray. Because we care.

    - bob


    Somebody Got A Campaign Contribution...



    California State Senator Curren Price has put forward a bill to allow the DMV to study the emerging technology of digital electronic license plates. The technology being developed by a company in the Bay Area (without an actual working product or website that I could find—see: flags, red) called Smart Plate, would appear as a normal plate while the vehicle is in motion, but display ads while at a stop for over four seconds. That, or display Amber Alerts and other information that the DMV thinks you need to see.

    To suggest that Senator Price is a brain-dead jackinape for even considering this idea dishonors those currently in a vegetative state. Can anyone seriously contend that an ad revenue stream can compensate for the loss of life caused by distracted drivers and fellow travelers driven to distraction in the first place? That the vehicle tracking mechanisms required to make this scheme work wouldn't infringe on a driver's privacy? That they couldn't easily be hacked to display someone else's number...

    Hey, maybe they're onto something.

    - bob


    A Jaunty Little Election Guide**



    It's the most wonderful time of the year again. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing their sweet song, and candidates will finally end their ad buys. Yes, it's California Statewide Direct Primary Election Day! As a service to you, the voter who hasn't voted yet, I offer analysis of the propositions from The Best Political Team on this Blog™. Like to hear it? Well here it goes...

    • Prop 13 - Limits on Property Tax Assessment. Siesmic Retrofitting of Existing Buildings: First off, no, this isn't that Prop 13. This one fixes a loophole in the tax code that currently allows property value reassessment if you do something crazy like enhance the structure of your building so it doesn't fall down in an earthquake. My question is, which tax assessors were doing this in the first place? (see: tar, feathers) We're suggesting you vote for this.
    • Prop 14 - Increases Right to Participate In Primary Elections: In what seems like a good idea on first blush, Proposition 14 was essentially a sop to Abel Maldonado to secure his vote on last year's budget. The legislature really don't like it because they claim it diminishes the role of traditional party structures in the state. I'm not sure that's not an idea worth pursuing, but I'm also not sure that the legislature hasn't poisoned this thing before placing it on the ballot. Arnold is for it, all of the parties are against it. We're guardedly suggesting a vote in favor.
    • Prop 15 - California Fair Elections Act: If you were looking for a reason to throw out the initiative process, this proposition might be a leading exhibit in your case. It's narrowly focused on a problem nobody knew we had, it's artfully worded to draw a yes vote even though that might not be a good idea, and it plays on anti-politician sentiment. If nothing else, we think it's too cynical to be worthy of your consideration.
    • Prop 16 - Imposes New Two-thirds Voter Approval Requirement for Local Public Electricity Providers: This is also known as the Pacific Gas & Electric Self-Preservation Act. PG&E is interested in making it harder for municipalities to start their own public electric companies and who can blame them? Well, everybody. Their ads for this make happy noises about consumer choice and reigning in government spending. What we all know is that two-thirds approval is an awfully high bar to set. They want this too badly, outspending the opposition by over 400-to-1. Because of the insidiousness of their motives, and that this is going to amend the California Constitution, we're strongly urging a no vote.
    • Prop 17 - Allows Auto Insurance Companies to Base Their Prices in Part On a Driver's History of Insurance Coverage: Mercury Insurance would like for you to overturn existing law so that they can charge higher rates to first-time policy holders or those with lapsed coverage. Pretty neat, huh? We don't think so either.

    Well, that's it for the guide. We'd like for you to go out and vote today. I mean, how can you pass on sticking one of these jokers with the worst job in the country:


    Accepted Prop. 34 Spending Limits Candidate Name Party
    * Richard William Aguirre Democratic
      S. Deacon Alexander Green
    * Stewart A. Alexander Peace & Freedom
    * Carlos Alvarez Peace & Freedom
      Mohammad Arif Peace & Freedom
      Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown Democratic
    * Bill Chambers Republican
    * Lowell Darling Democratic
    * Vibert Greene Democratic
    * Douglas R. Hughes Republican
    * Ken J. Miller Republican
    * Lawrence "Larry" Naritelli Republican
    * Robert C. Newman II Republican
    * Chelene Nightingale American Independent
    * Dale F. Ogden Libertarian
    * Charles "Chuck" Pineda, Jr. Democratic
      Steve Poizner Republican
    * Markham Robinson American Independent
      Peter Schurman Democratic
    * Joe Symmon Democratic
      David Tully-Smith Republican
    * Laura Wells Green
      Meg Whitman Republican


    Your pal,

    - bob

    ** WEDNESDAY MORNING UPDATE: It looks like we're batting 1.000 this cycle with all of the propositions we supported going on to victory and those we didn't, going down to defeat. Thanks for doing exactly what we called for, California! Now, about that million dollar check you were going to send our way...

    *** WEDNESDAY MORNING UPDATE II: According to the Secretary of State, only 16.5% of registered voters in Riverside County made the effort yesterday. To say that's a pathetic turnout is a little like saying BP's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is an "oopsie," or that King Kong was a monkey who was irritated by aircraft. Dear 83.5% of Riverside County voters who opted out yesterday, you stink.


    Meme Alert: California is Greece

    Yes, we grow them with the pimentos in, but that won't save us now.
    Wait, it's more than the climate?


    This internet meme that's been floating around for two or three weeks is really starting to grate on my last frayed nerve. I get that California is facing a huge budget shortfall and a much larger underfunded pension system, but are we really like Greece? I guess it would be instructive to think about what would happen if either state defaulted on its crushing debt instead of Greece receiving an EU/IMF bailout package and California firing school teachers. It's possible that Greece could have brought down the Euro as it tumbled off the cliff. Our state, on the other hand (or paw), has been looking for a handout from the Federal government to pay the bills, which to me seems a bit pathetic.

    At this point, I suppose I could say that the legislature could suspend Prop 98—the initiative to tie school funding to revenues—until the budget is repaired. Maybe we could scrap our imaginary high-speed choo choo train. I'm sure Union Pacific wouldn't mind. We could close that $20 billion hole in the General Fund pretty quickly, but we won't. Yet.

    If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go dunk my head in a bucket of lye.

    - bob


    Facialtome Diaries: Today's Young Youth Edition

    What do we want? Our beautiful lives handed to us on a platter! When do we want it? C'mon, really? Friends,

    Remember when you were a college freshman? When you had stars in your eyes? When you were going to take the world by the horns unconcerned about getting gored? Sometimes I see that people on the Facebook need some help, especially in my area of expertise. One of those people is my Facebook friend who is the daughter of my friends who has embarked on taking herself way too seriously at a liberal arts college back East.

    Eventually the reality of this world will surely catch up to her and deal her the soul-crushing blow it dealt the rest of us. In the meanwhile, this exchange happened today...

    Liberal Arts College Freshman: Does anyone have an old school Polaroid camera that they would love to give me? If so, I will be forever and eternally grateful.
    Friend Of Freshman: ebay has some nice one for under 5 bucks. Mine was .99 cents
    Your Humble Author: You can have my Polaroid 800, but this might make more sense. Just download Polardroid on your Mac and use it to modify your digital photos for totally blown-out, over-saturated pics...

    Liberal Arts College Freshman:
    1) I don't have a Mac. I don't really think Mac is an ethical company so I try not to buy from them.
    2) I don't have a digital camera because I don't personally think digital photography is the best artist art form when it comes to photos.
    3) I want a Polaroid camera because they are history and after that scare awhile back when they said they were going to stop making Polaroid film, I decided to invest.
    Thanks for the suggestion though!

    Apple isn't an ethical company. Not as ethical as, say, Microsoft or HP. There's that. But digital photography isn't an art form compared to a Polaroid?

    Ah, youth. You kids are so screwed.

    - bob