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    an idyllwild weather clam!

    Our gal, The Idyllwild Weather Clam thinks that it will rain again today.

    Tuesday 22 August 2017
    Currently at 4:54 AM 57°

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    Sometimes The Glass Is Mostly Empty


    A big Pacific storm is headed our way today and will bring us some rain. In some places, like my piney paradise, quite a bit of rain. Then this idiocy happened on Twitter (about 500 times from a series of like-minded nitwits)...



    Gee, really? The two inches of rain today aren't going to turn our arid desert into a tropical rainforest? How about shut the hell up?

    I blame how we've come to understand the word drought. Since we live in a mostly dry place, shouldn't what we now think of as drought be considered normal? It seems like the times when moisture falls out of the sky are extraordinary, not the dry spells. 

    And before you raise your hand to mention climate change or poles shifting or coronal ejections, yes, it's always been this way forever. Dry deserts are not new.

    So let's reset the measurement and get rid of the D word. That way most of us, perhaps with the exception of Ian, can enjoy the rainfall as it was intended. Spoilsport.

    Your best pal in the whole world,

    - bob


    Storm Watch 2011! - Motor Racing Edition

    Snowy ridgeline. Friends,

    I was supposed to head to the desert early this morning to see the vintage auto racing at the new Chuckawalla Valley Raceway in Desert Center. Unfortunately, something happened overnight...

    Fun game: find the teensy little car! A foot and a half of snow fell on my little town and buried the cars. This wouldn't be too tough to deal with except the local government hadn't yet plowed the road, so I called off the trip.

    Taken after the plows arrived. With the ice and snow on the ground and the new brakes I installed only yesterday, I wasn't sure that traveling off the hill was a good idea.

    Chilly forest time. Was watching the Daytona 500 on teevee a good substitute? Not at all.

    Sticky. But the neighborhood is very pretty today.

    Your pal,



    Sunday In The Park

    Four-low might be a good idea.Friends,

    Governor Moonbeam II has released his first/next budget for this here golden state and he has laid down some painful cuts extending over the next few years. Here in America's Very Finest (and cleanest!) Forest, we've lived with a lack of services for quite a long time, so this is really nothing new to us. This is the street in front of my friend's house and her neighbors, who live there full time, managed to get somebody in a truck with a plow to run down the middle of the street once a week ago. Not the county, just some guy.

    And now it's all ice.

    She'll not be driving down there into the Fern Valley holler anytime soon.

    The fog! It's coming! I continued into town and took a shot of the fire station. Oh look, some fog...

    Then I turned around and shot the other way.

    It's here! The fog is here!

    Visibility could be slightly diminished! Good gravy! Noooo!

    - bob


    Programming Note: Sometimes A Chain Is Just A Chain Edition



    Now we start getting into the good weather stuff at this time of year. There should be almost a foot of snow on the ground at the Damp Dog Lodge by now (my tracks out of the driveway this morning are nearly filled in, as you can see) but the bitter cold from last week hasn't materialized. Of course, the denizens of the Festival of Dirt would strongly disagree with the latter...

    - bob


    And Now A Word From Our Gal, The Idyllwild Weather Clam



    Yesterday I noted that our resident psychic weather forecaster was alarmed by The Weather Channel prediction of an overnight low of 20° which seemed far too low. Today it seems that their forecast didn't go low enough, but I'll let our gal, The Clam explain what happened herself


    Good morning everybody. It's pretty chilly up here this morning—currently 18° before sunrise at 6:59 AM. The remaining snow had turned to slush yesterday due to afternoon rainfall that was fairly light, but persistent over several hours. That slush is now frozen, along with any runoff streaming across roadways.

    I just wanted to let you know that the models I'm looking at did show the arctic flow rushing over Southern California, but I missed the intense winds that brought the temperature down very quickly yesterday afternoon. In fact, this flow pattern is very similar to the atmospheric river event from last week, but the ocean temperatures seem to be too low for another significant period of precipitation. Sorry about missing it by such a large margin, but I'll try to do much better next year.


    The Idyllwild Weather Clam



    - bob

    P.S. Happy birthday to both Mike Nesmith AND Davy Jones!


    Storm Watch! 2010! WTH!!11!one!! - Honda! Discord! Edition!



    I think we all know that during inclement weather events (again with the event. really? -ed) there might be some value in exercising caution while navigating the byways of this here metropolis. However, as I approached my driveway coming home from work this afternoon, that calculus seems to have been flawed. Revised:

    (we all) - 1 = most of us except for person trapped in her car laying on its side in front of my house

    Get ye to a hospital.

    Mme. Puppy Dog was losing her mind as the fire chief pulled up in the driveway, the CHP parked behind that guy, the ladder truck (for double-decker Honda Accord rescues [sadly, they only have double-decker honda accords in england. -ed]) next to Ponch, and the wrecker parked nearby. The nice thing is that the rain stopped and it started snowing. I would hope that this is much more pleasant for the people rescuing said sideways person than a torrent running down their collars.

    I'm sure that'll buff right out.

    I don't know the circumstance that led to someone pulling a half-Chitwood in front of my house, but I can guess. Too fast. Road too slick. Somebody pulling out from the back of Chez Noisy across the street. Bing, boom, bam, and there you go. Mister or Missus Accord gets taped down to a board and earns a trip to the hospital.

    This year really hasn't been dangerous enough, right?

    - bob





    Today is the 23rd of May and it's been snowing here in my delightful Alpine village all day. It snows, it sticks, it melts, it snows some more, repeat. It's chilly, of course, but it's absolutely lovely.

    The Highway Patrol is requiring chains or snow tires from Pine Cove to Lake Fulmor this afternoon, which seems like an alarmist reaction, but I guess it weeds out the kids on racing slicks? Hard to know.

    - bob


    Idyllwild Photo Blort - Winter 2010 Edition

    The Village Hardware people aren't calling for their promo shot.

    Hey, lookee here. I took some shots last Sunday before the latest snowfall and forgot to get them off the camera. It's a quiet time in my little burg, early in the morning before the shops open and people wipe the syrup and pancake crumbs off the corners of their mouths and get out in it.

    Oooh. Strawberry Creek Plaza in the morning. So delightful.
    The automatic locks at the post office clicked open and let me in to get my mail, but the market was still closed. Only minutes remaining to buy beans and tomato sauce for Super Bowl chili. Plenty of time for another shot...

    See those clouds? Snow's coming...
    The cloud layer has changed, foretelling the snowfall later in the day. Maybe. Or they're moving in the wrong direction.

    Much prettier than a drive to Hemet, at any rate. Just saying.

    - bob


    Storm Watch 2010! Gravity! Edition!


    Just a quick note about ice on walkways: it's pretty slippery. C'mon, ask me how I know.

    - bob

    P.S. Brother, can you spare an elbow? And a hip? And some spinal joints in the neighborhood of L5 and S1?


    Storm Watch 2010! Photo Blort! Edition!

    The Forest: In color.

    You may have heard that we had a little storm up here in the gateway to America's Cleanest Forest (more on that later). A modest amount of snow fell...

    Hmm, somebody likes pictures of trees...
    And now that I have a set of snow shoes, I don't get a lot of frozen, wet intrusion in the top of my boots. That makes getting nice shots much easier...

    No sledding.
    I found that this was important to get quick snaps before the next storm rolled in...

    That tree's gonna come down, isn't it?
    What better plan than to work from home last Friday? The roads weren't plowed regularly, but when they were, the ice sheet was exposed. Forget it, I thought. Time to light a fire and use my bandwidth instead of the failed network at the Festival of Dirt.

    My DSL stayed up at this Secret Alpine Laboratory, but the genius monopolies of AT&T and Verizon combined to allow the big pipe at work to fail. Oh, and they decided to take the weekend off and got around to working on the problem today. Towards the end of the day, the connection came up but they didn't tell us. "Just figure it out yourselves. By the way, we really value you as a customer."

    Of course they do.

    - bob


    Storm Watch! 2010! OMFG!!one! Edition!

    Any relation?

    This storm thing has been pummeling Southern California for a few days now and it's been a joy. By joy, of course, I mean that we've seen everything you want to see in a winter storm. You want your hail? Squalls? Snow? Rock porridge? We've got it all.

    We'll even have something that I've never heard before. I'll let the National Weather Service breathlessly blort it out in all-caps...


    Graupel? What is this thing? Jewish wontons? No, dear reader, it's simultaneously more bizarre and more common. It's the balls of snow that seem like styrofoam rolling off your windshield. Weird? Not so much, but I'd never heard the term before. It's almost like we English speakers have hundreds of words for snow or something.

    Chilly, but fun,

    - bob



    Be prepared.

    A series of storms are set to pummel my little town (and to be honest, the rest of the state) all week, but I'm taking no chances. I've created a series of channels and ravines to divert water away from my back door, I've laid up enough wood in the house to last for a week, and I've had a chat with Mme. Puppy Dog about how the moisture falling out of the sky is harmless and shouldn't deter her from using the facilities. The latter argument has fallen on deaf but pricked up ears, which suggests to me that she cares that I'm speaking, just not that concerned with the content. Before you suggest that dogs are perky, bounding idiots incapable of recognizing human speech, why must we then spell out w-a-l-k and c-o-o-k-i-e? Yeah, I thought so.

    So once again, in the consequence- and largely history-free mind of my dog, I'm to blame for this downpour. These storms, clearly, are my invention, having conjured my very own El Nino current in the Pacific, for as far as she knows, this hairless ape is all-powerful (I do control the light, heat, and food—my power knows no bounds), so why not the skies?

    After we get our two feet of snow (!) this week, I'll think about letting it dry out for a while, but in the meanwhile, go outside and stop looking at me like that.

    - bob


    Speaking Of Weather...

    Snowflakes are a girl's best friend, for a while.

    Head on over to SnowCrystals.com for some fine photography from the very clever (and well funded) folks over at Caltech. They have galleries, a new book, and other nifty stuff to download. Sure, sometimes big snow falls like one today can be inconvenient, but you must agree that it's sure pretty.

    - bob

    from SnowCrystals.com via TreeHugger. Thanks!


    Storm Watch! 2009! OMG! Edition!


    The big news today is that the Federal EPA is considering a rule to declare carbon dioxide, the gas that you exhale and that plants inhale, to be dangerous. It's even been said that carbon dioxide is a main cause of the alarming malady once called "global warming," now referred to under the more quaint title of "climate change."

    The Woodpecker Snag
    And while we're constantly reminded not to equate the weather with the climate, I think it's always interesting to look at what's happening outside my window while considering the frequent flier miles all of the delegates in Copenhagen racked up to express their deep concern about all this warming.

    It's been said before, but worth repeating; I'll treat climate change like a crisis when the people who keep telling us it's a crisis starting treating it like a crisis. Which doesn't seem to have happened yet.

    Your best (chilly) pal,

    - bob


    Idyllwild Weather Clam Says, "huh?"

    Our gal, clam.Friends,

    Our own Idyllwild Weather Clam spent yesterday by the tide pool sunning herself, but today is digging through her wardrobe for the electric blanket. The snow is falling this morning but it's not cold enough to stick. The wind has picked up and rain gutters have pulled away from their mounts.

    She's provided a couple snapshots stolen from the internet! Don't blame me, blame the mollusk.

    Webcam shot from bobtherieau.com.That was this morning. There's also this from the good people at The Green Cafe.

    The real Georgia's?Closer to town, Georgia's (which is still around, believe it or not) has a very grey picture this morning. Notice there are no tourists. Bad news for the merchant of rocks and shiny rocks.

    Reading the Clam's late-breaking weather ticker, she also notes that the cloud ceiling has dropped. So if you're flying into Idyllwild International Airport this morning, it's strictly IFR. Good luck with that!

    Your pal,



    Fog Of More (Snow)


    The weather up here in my little burg, the village that makes the gods smile, has been atrocious. Cold, to below freezing, but warming to melt the mess to a sloppy goo. People in other, sloppier parts of the world have experienced worse, but I haven't. This is the biggest pile of mess that I've seen since I've been here. It's lovely though in a weathery sort of way. Imagine if you will that you're in Southern California and you're able to experience four actual seasons. It's true here.

    The government of this once great State of California will soon kill our way of life with extreme prejudice (and taxes). In the meanwhile, please do what you can to come to this currently fine place and enjoy all we have on offer. Next month it'll be gone. Or very expensive.

    Your best pal in the whole world,

    - bob


    Precipitation Sequestering - Day Three

    Good morning. Idyllwild, CA February 2009Friends,

    The weather swells on TV mentioned a little something about how something might've happened in my little burg over the last couple days. One of them even mentioned there was quite a bit of snow. Amazing.

    There was even something about the greatest amount of snowfall in decades up here. I've been able to measure 22 inches, which is higher than I've ever seen. Granted, I haven't lived here long, but the consensus in town is that this season has been extraordinary. Oh, there have been road closures too. Here are a couple posts from a paper of record:

    A slide occurred today near Mountain Center, leaving rocks on Route 74, the California Highway Patrol reported.
    The slide was reported at 7:55 a.m. [February 9th] in the area of Route 74 near Strawberry Creek Bridge, according to the CHP.

    But this is really fun for everybody as well...

    All of Highway 74 between Hemet and Palm Desert is closed due to icy roads and heavy snow falling on the Palms to Pines Highway to Pinyon and Idyllwild.
    Highway 74 was closed at 1 p.m. until further notice, except to residents, according to the California Highway Patrol.
    Several vehicles and big rigs have gotten stuck in snow banks and chain restrictions are in affect.
    Highway 243 is also closed near Poppett Flats from Banning to Idyllwild for all northbound traffic due to heavy snowfall and snow removal.

    For the uninitiated, that's all roads in (and out, let's not forget that. -ed) to this one-horse town. By the way, a horse would be handy right about now.

    Some Oaks. Idyllwild, CA February 2009
    I threw a set of chains on the Jeep Grand Livingroom and headed into town yesterday and while stopped to tension those chains, I ran into a neighbor I'd never met before. She was walking her dog out in the slop and ice and we started chatting about the snowplow issue. "My street hasn't been plowed," she started. "The funny thing is I just gave my Isuzu Rodeo to my son and bought a Mini Cooper. It's now covered in snow in my driveway. Do you think I should have the guys from AAA come up and put the chains on? It's pretty expensive..." Clearly desperate measures must be taken, so I asked, "Do you like soup?"

    I think she's gonna be stuck up here for a while, but what a place to be stuck in.

    - bob


    Precipitation Sequestering - Day Two


    Well, well, well. I told people that the temperatures should surely rise today. Certainly the weather sites must be correct (why's that? what has changed? -ed). But no.

    Wintery weather. Idyllwild, CA February 2009We received another four or five inches of snow overnight and throughout the day today. It's pretty, and also pretty chilly. Do we need this? Absolutely!

    Down on the street. Idyllwild, CA February 2009At least we'll have water all Summer.

    - bob

    P.S. Fog has plopped down in the twenty minutes since these pictures were shot. The local snow plow has also been by, trying to build an icy wall at the end of my driveway. I and the Jeepster disagree with this idea. To relax, I chant "4-low, 4-low, 4-low, 4-low...".


    50-Year Storm Alert! - Icicle Update


    I'm just gonna post the pictures. With temperatures in the teens overnight and the insulation in my roof ranging from poor to none, there's enough runoff to build some monstrous icicles. Take that crappy Chinese Christmas ornament companies!

    Icicles, Part I

    Icicles, Part II

    Icicles, Part III

    More this afternoon (if I don't kill myself putting tire chains on the Jeep first)...

    - bob


    50-Year Storm Alert! - Command Performance Edition


    Our most frequent commenter, Mrs. Anonymous, wants more pictures and that's what she'll get! I hope she was talking about snow pictures...

    To the left of the webcam image...
    This is to the left of the frame you see in the webcam. That pile of snow in the foreground was pushed there by the local snowplow operators. It looks to be almost four feet high right now. Thanks CalTrans!

    The gutters don't work very well, do they?
    I see this view out my living room window and the icicles sprung up (down) overnight. Charming!

    This view is a little to the left of the one above it. If you could remove all of that pesky snow from the tree, you'd see Lily Rock along the ridge.

    That's a lot of snow - for here.
    And this is the rest of the oak tree you see in the upper right of the webcam frame.

    The roads out of here are shut down today, so I'm trying to get some work done with the power going off periodically and a dead or dying phone line. Even the wireless router has decided to stop working! It's like living out on the frontier!

    Yeah, right.

    - bob