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    Our gal, The Idyllwild Weather Clam thinks that it will rain again today.

    Tuesday 22 August 2017
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    Another Good Use Of Bandwidth


    It seemed like a good idea when my hours at The Festival of Dirt were cut in half to go out and get a new job. The job numbers are looking up, I hear. Plus, the Great Recession (as we're calling it now) is finally over. Good news! Nifty! Should be a piece of cake to find new employment!

    Well dear readers, this has not been the case. I've submitted resumes for positions that are essentially what I do now and for jobs that I would love to do, but I haven't heard from anybody except spammers who will rewrite my resume for a fee or provide me with a sure-fire job finding toolkit, also for a fee. I find this infuriating on two levels, as I'm sure you do. The end goal of my job search isn't actually to give other people money (which seems intuitive, but when you're busy being evil, maybe you miss the simple stuff) nor is it to provide personal information to a mailing list instead of an employer. This country's economy has gone through a very rough patch, but that's no excuse to prey on the desperate.

    Speaking of desperate though, if I'm going to embark on Plan B, to get some freelance work to make up the other half of my salary, my poor website would need a refresh. You remember the old, tired, iWeb template site, don't you? No?


    It was pretty simple and I didn't update it very often, so nobody showed up. The hit count was low and very few people gave it a second thought, but that's about to change!

    The new site, pictured at the top, is better in every way. It has pages and links, which makes it a proper website. A picture of the Mighty Jeepster is now on every page to lend some much-needed dynamism. The webcam is still there, plus there are now colored rectangles, which make it more modern. Also, the web development software I'm now using has some settings that make the thing render differently depending on the browser you're using, which I hadn't intended.

    Overall, it's really great and you should visit!

    Your pal,

    - bob


    Facialtome Diaries: Today's Young Youth Edition

    What do we want? Our beautiful lives handed to us on a platter! When do we want it? C'mon, really? Friends,

    Remember when you were a college freshman? When you had stars in your eyes? When you were going to take the world by the horns unconcerned about getting gored? Sometimes I see that people on the Facebook need some help, especially in my area of expertise. One of those people is my Facebook friend who is the daughter of my friends who has embarked on taking herself way too seriously at a liberal arts college back East.

    Eventually the reality of this world will surely catch up to her and deal her the soul-crushing blow it dealt the rest of us. In the meanwhile, this exchange happened today...

    Liberal Arts College Freshman: Does anyone have an old school Polaroid camera that they would love to give me? If so, I will be forever and eternally grateful.
    Friend Of Freshman: ebay has some nice one for under 5 bucks. Mine was .99 cents
    Your Humble Author: You can have my Polaroid 800, but this might make more sense. Just download Polardroid on your Mac and use it to modify your digital photos for totally blown-out, over-saturated pics...

    Liberal Arts College Freshman:
    1) I don't have a Mac. I don't really think Mac is an ethical company so I try not to buy from them.
    2) I don't have a digital camera because I don't personally think digital photography is the best artist art form when it comes to photos.
    3) I want a Polaroid camera because they are history and after that scare awhile back when they said they were going to stop making Polaroid film, I decided to invest.
    Thanks for the suggestion though!

    Apple isn't an ethical company. Not as ethical as, say, Microsoft or HP. There's that. But digital photography isn't an art form compared to a Polaroid?

    Ah, youth. You kids are so screwed.

    - bob